About Me

Learn how to create a Facebook Ad that Converts! 

Brandy Marie Johnson

Digital Marketing & Branding Strategist

My business superpower is creative resourcefulness… 

I never look at a problem and think, “oh well, better luck next time.” There’s a unique way to approach anything that life throws at you. I help my clients open their mind to digital possibilities.

My ideas and strategies are often met with, “I hadn’t thought of it that way” or “I never knew I could do that online.” Those are the moments that make me happiest.

That’s why I do what I do…

On the surface, I’m an advertising girl with a lot of online media buying experience, but really I’m a Digital Swiss Army Knife.

Not only do I help my clients come up with ideas regularly, I also teach them how to execute their ideas from beginning to end.

Understanding the way the internet works from a tracking and analytical perspective, as well as having a creative mind, made it tough to flourish in a corporate, compartmentalized setting, but it works great as an online entrepreneur.

I’m able to quickly look at my client’s brand, campaign or website and tell them why something isn’t converting.

Is it the design, the call-to-action or maybe it’s just a tracking problem? Do we need to better define their audience and find customers online by running a targeted ad campaign? Maybe we just need to focus on branding and social media for a bit.

After spending years working with established brands, I truly believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get access to strategies that top ad agencies are using.

I’m ready to give you that access right now…from my brain. 


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