You’ve seen a Facebook ad in your timeline and it seems everyone is using them to promote their business these days, so you finally get your act together and decide it’s time to join the “Facebook ad party”.

As you sit down to create the ad that’s going to explode your business, you suddenly draw a blank…

What do Facebook ads look like?

What are these fields I’m being asked to fill out?

The ad creation section of Facebook looks like this and it can be very overwhelming the first time.


Your best bet is to plan out your ad ahead of time by understanding the anatomy of a Facebook ad.

Allow me to break it down for you based on the image above:

Ad Formats

When running a Facebook ad, you have a couple of options. You can run an ad with a single image or video, my personal favorite. (Image needs to be 1200 x 628 pixels)

Or you can run an ad with multiple images or videos, also knows as a Carousel ad. Carousel ads can have up to 10 images or videos. This format is great for showcasing a product line or to highlight multiple features for a product or service. (Images need to be 600 x 600 pixels)

When choosing an image, be aware of how much text is on it. Facebook doesn’t like when there is too much text and this will impact how often your ad is displayed. This is a great tool to get an idea of how the text on your ad will impact visibility.

There’s also a Canvas option, but it’s a bit of an advanced option. I recommend working your way up to a Canvas ad.

Website URL

This is where you want people to go after they click on your ad. I recommend taking them to a landing page instead of your website’s homepage.

People are easily distracted and it’s much better to take them to a single page without any additional navigation options. This is will help with conversions in a big way.


Displayed directly above your ad and below your profile image, the text needs to be attention-grabbing and draw your audience in. Keep it around 90 characters long.


This is displayed directly below your image, in bold. It should accurately describe what you’re offering. Try to keep your headline around 25 characters long.

News Feed link Description

Think of this as the description of your headline as it goes directly below it. It’s your last opportunity to get someone to click, so make it a persuasive description that’s 30 characters long.

Display Link 

Even though the display link is optional, I recommend it because it’s another branding opportunity. In order to get the ad approved, this MUST match the Website URL’s base domain.

For example, if your Website URL is , then your Display URL can be


There’s drop down menu of call-to-action buttons to choose from, so just pick the one that’s most aligned with the action you want people to take when they see your ad.

You also have the option of not including the button, which works well for branding campaigns where you’re just driving traffic to a blog post or other piece of content.

So, there you have it, the anatomy of a Facebook ad that will convert and help you grow your business.

The next step in this process is getting your ad approved, but that’s for another post…

By the way, if you want some additional help building your first image or video ad, I’ve created a FREE Facebook Ad Template that’s fillout-able.

Go here to get access. The Anatomy of a Facebook Ad image is also included…